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Let's talk about working together


"If Carlsberg made graphic designers – they’d operate like Lester! He clearly takes great pride in his work and his attention to detail shines through in every aspect.


Managing Director, South East Consortium

“Lester has been instrumental in helping us revitalise our communications.  Having successfully refreshed the brand, he has overseen a number of projects to which he brings great insight, design rigour and creativity. He has become an important part of our team and is integral to our progress.”


Director, The Housing Forum

"Lester has a sophisticated style, is calm, sincere and brilliantly talented. I have trusted him with projects where a special touch was paramount. He never fails to deliver and always impresses. Working with Lester is a pleasure and his clear enjoyment of his profession is a motivator for others around him which is such a relief when you need a job done properly and on time."


Senior Partner, PRP